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A writer's guide to wild writing by Natasha Carthew



What writers can get out of disconnecting from the wired world and how being in nature can revitalise your work

We spend our lives looking through screens; laptops, phones, windows, the TV screen, we are mere bystanders in life, but writing outside brings many benefits, here a just a few which I teach as part of my Wild Writing Workshop, writes Natasha Carthew.

• We stop being bystanders and become part of the world.
• We clear our heads, focus and set our minds free.
• Writing outside means no distractions from your day to day life – switch off your phone or, even better, leave it at home.
• The outside world provides more inspiration than you could ever find indoors.
• The great outdoors helps with writer’s block – it takes you outside yourself.
• Wild writing stimulates your senses. Makes you feel alive, refreshed, connected.
• Opens your mind, that problem you had sitting at your desk no longer seems so bad, you can see the bigger picture and find a way through/around/over.
• Fresh air and exercise clears your head and opens you up to new experiences.
• You see, hear, smell things you might not have noticed before. Writing outside gives you a new perspective.
• Outside writing evokes memories and this is great for creative writing.
• The outdoors provides you with new ideas for setting, plot, characters, they are all around you.
• You experience the elements; you no longer have to imagine what it might feel like to be hot, wet, freezing cold etc.
• When you write outside you no longer think about writing, but merely start to write.

All Rivers Run Free by Natasha Carthew is published by riverrun.



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