Creative Writing

Coffee-break exercise: Three voices
Create a three-part conversation in this week's creative writing exercise

29 May 2020

Visit a virtual festival
Are you missing the literary festival season? Bring the authors into your home…

29 May 2020

How to turn rejection into acceptance: A guide for writers
It can feel like a really harsh blow when the writing you’ve worked so hard on…

28 May 2020

Read more, write better - Writing Magazine bonus content, July 2020
Background reading, exclusive audio extracts and more to complement your latest…

27 May 2020

Under the Microscope extra: Don't Stop the Fiesta
A reader's creative non-fiction goes under the editorial microscope

27 May 2020

Gifts for dads who love to write
Here's our top picks on some fantastic gifts to put a smile on Dad's face this…

25 May 2020

Coffee-break exercise: Planting
This week's creative writing exercise is all about seeding something that will…

22 May 2020

Coffee-break exercise: A day in a life
Create a day in the life of a character in this week's creative writing exercise

15 May 2020

Writing war-time crime: Mark Ellis
The crime novelist describes writing fiction that examines how crime boomed…

15 May 2020

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