Coffee break exercise: Fresh start


08 January 2021
Photo by Gia Oris on Unsplash
New Year, new writing project. Start the way you mean to go on in today's writing exercise.

First, spend a few moments deciding what is the writing project that you want to associate with 2021.

Whatever it is, take your notebook or a blank page and write the name of the project in bold capitals at the top.

Now make up to ten bullet points that will help you plan the project. These could be character notes, plot points, reference sources, ideas - but they must all feed back to the project at the top of the page.

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Finally, write down a commitment to spend X amount of time per day or week, or a minimum daily/weekly wordcount. Next to it, make a note of when in the day you will commit to sitting down and writing the words that will bring your project to fruition in 2021.

Good luck!


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