Coffee-break exercise: Fireworks


04 November 2022
Explore how the idea of fireworks can spark your creativity in this week’s writing exercise.

Do you or a character see them as exhilarating, a celebration, or a menace? Whether you look forward to them or think they should be banned, with their colours, velocity, scents and sounds, not to mention the traditions associated with them, there’s a lot to write about.

For Bonfire Night, write a firework-inspired piece.

Some ideas might be: writing about memories of childhood fireworks; a short story where fireworks add to the drama; a poem about the way they llight up the night sky. Perhaps you could take a particular firework – a Catherine Wheel, or a rocket – and use it as a metaphor for something else. Whatever the options, do your best to ensure your writing fizzes and sparkles with light and colour!

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