Coffee break exercise: Black Friday


29 November 2019
Use today's shopping frenzy as the prompt for a new piece of creative writing

Black Friday, which marks the beginning of the American Christmas shopping season the day after Thanksgiving, now sees retailers worldwide tempting Christmas shoppers with discounts and promotions.

For five minutes, write down any words and phrases that spring to mind that you associate with 'Black Friday'. They might to relate to triumphant feelings about bagging a bargain, or disgust about avarice and consumerism, or alternative ways to channel seasonal buying to support local and independent businesses.

Whatever the words and phrases you've produced, ring five of them and include them in the first draft of a poem or the opening paragraphs of a new piece of short fiction on creative non-fiction with the working title of 'Black Friday Blues.'

You can write in any voice or tense - and remember that you can use the words in dialogue.


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