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The best fathers (and father figures) in fiction
With Fathers' Day fast approaching, we've rounded up some of literature's most…

02 June 2020

Coffee-break exercise: Three voices
Create a three-part conversation in this week's creative writing exercise

29 May 2020

Visit a virtual festival
Are you missing the literary festival season? Bring the authors into your home…

29 May 2020

How Troubador are staying connected with writers
Troubador's Assistant Marketing Manager Philippa Iliffe explains how the company…

29 May 2020

How to turn rejection into acceptance: A guide for writers
It can feel like a really harsh blow when the writing you’ve worked so hard on…

28 May 2020

Read more, write better - Writing Magazine bonus content, July 2020
Background reading, exclusive audio extracts and more to complement your latest…

27 May 2020

Under the Microscope extra: Don't Stop the Fiesta
A reader's creative non-fiction goes under the editorial microscope

27 May 2020

Gifts for dads who love to write
Here's our top picks on some fantastic gifts to put a smile on Dad's face this…

25 May 2020

Coffee-break exercise: Planting
This week's creative writing exercise is all about seeding something that will…

22 May 2020

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