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Search online for agents with Agent Hunter

05 March 2013

Search online for agents with Agent Hunter

Launched by The Writers' Workshop, Agent Hunter is a comprehensive digital database of UK agents

Agent Hunter makes it easy to search for an agent by name, by area of interest or by associating an agent with a particular author.
Agent Hunter collates all known information on each agent, including clients, likes and dislikes, submission requirements, contact details and links to relevant press coverage.

Crime writer Harry Bingham (pictured), who is head of The Writers’ Workshop and has written two guides for Writers & Artists, said: ‘Printed directories have traditionally offered little more than a list of literary agencies with basic contact info. Agent Hunter brings literary agent search into the twenty-first century.’

Laura Wilkins, manager of the Writers’ Workshop, added: ‘We haven’t just scoured every publicly available source for information on literary agents, agencies and publishers, we’ve approached every agent too.’

An annual subscription to Agent Hunter costs £12.


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